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Safety and Hygiene for Hospitality

The Safety and Hygiene for Hospitality Online Training will prepare you in the accommodation industry to effectively handle infectious disease situations, like COVID-19. From the front desk and management, to kitchen and dining staff, this training has been designed by infection control and hospitality experts to help you make the best decisions in emergencies. 

What you’ll learn:

  • How to manage COVID-19 signs, symptoms, and risk factors
  • Planning skills for managing potential and confirmed infection cases
  • Confidently protect yourself, other staff and guests against infectious diseases
  • How to choose, use, and dispose of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Best practices for:
    • management teams
    • reception and concierge
    • restaurants, bars and dining arrangements
    • recreational areas
    • cleaning and housekeeping

Approx. 5 hours to complete

Learn how to implement internationally-recognized health protocols

This course has been developed in accordance with the latest guidelines on health protocols developed by the European Commission for Tourism Services and the World Health Organization’s (WHO) guidelines for the accommodation sector. You will gain actionable knowledge and concrete skills immediately applicable to your work context. Be prepared and confident returning to work in the context of COVID-19.

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Reassure your visitors by having your staff complete the Safety and Hygiene for Hospitality Online Training. White-label solutions or delivery in your own LMS are possible. Certification badge for companies is available on request.

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Improve your expertise and market value by taking this free course in only 5 hours!
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Free of charge

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Individual or Company


Reassure your visitors and boards by having your staff complete the Safety and Hygiene for Hospitality Online Training. White-label solutions or delivery in your own LMS are possible. Certification badge for companies is available on request.

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Why take this course?

As the effects of COVID-19 spread across the entire world, the accommodation industry, including hotels, bars, and tourism at large, have been suffering immediate and long-term repercussions due to travel restrictions, operational bans, as well as overall uncertainty and fear of continued transmission. In addition to these considerations, as we transition through the stages of this global pandemic, it is becoming increasingly clear that businesses in this industry need to adopt heightened hygiene management standards to safeguard the safety of both employees and guests.

As you welcome guests once more, you and your staff are faced with the need for modified health and safety procedures. These modifications aim to prevent and limit the spread of infectious diseases, even beyond COVID-19. Effective and adequate procedural and behavioural changes in this regard require hospitality personnel to be equipped with an essential training in safety and hygiene.

This course is designed for roles such as: 

  • Reception and Concierge
  • Kitchen and Dining
  • Cleaning and Housekeeping
  • Technical and Maintenance
  • Event Management
  • Supervisors and Managers responsible for training staff
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Course Outline

COVID-19 hit the accommodation sector harder than most. Learn how to re-enter or continue in your role at your place of work safely by understanding what safety and hygiene mean in this context, and by planning for emergency situations with emphasis on COVID-19 procedure.

How many people actually show symptoms of an infectious disease, for example COVID-19? How long does the coronavirus remain on various surfaces? 

In this unit, you will gain a basic understanding of the most common viruses with special focus on COVID-19. Details on transmission and how to recognise symptoms in yourself or others will be covered.

What do you do if you suspect a guest or colleague are displaying symptoms of COVID-19?

This unit will outline how different roles of seniority are to appropriately handle potential and confirmed COVID-19 infection cases among guests or fellow staff, guided by up-to-date, evidence-based information.

What surfaces need to be cleaned versus disinfected? What about sterilisation?

This unit will help you become confident in practicing preventive hygienic measures for infection protection, including cleaning and disinfection procedures.

Should you always wear a mask while cleaning rooms? What are the PPE guidelines for kitchen staff when handling food? 

In this unit you will learn about Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and cover topics like protective aprons, masks, or gloves. You will also learn how to properly choose, use, remove and safely dispose of this equipment after various situations. 

What can all of this look like tied together? 

In this unit you will look at best practices for management teams, reception and concierge, restaurants, bars and dining arrangements, recreational areas, as well as cleaning and housekeeping, led by an expert in the accommodation sector. 

Meet your Instructors


Certified Hospitality Trainer

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Shubhangi Garg is a hospitality educator with extensive experience in academics and facilitating the delivery of knowledge aligned with industry needs.

Marja van
der Kwast

Infection Control Specialist

View Biography

Marja van der Kwast is an infection control specialist with a background in medical microbiology. She has worked as an infection control trainer for hospital and nursing home staff in several hospitals and nursing homes in the Netherlands on infection control and prevention.


Infection Control Specialist

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Nina Lamsma is an infection control specialist and owner of ICOSA, which stands for Infection control, Consultancy, Support (Ondersteuning), Education (Scholing) and Advising. Nina has experience working in several hospitals and nursing homes in the Netherlands as an infection control specialist and trainer.


Infection Control Specialist 

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Jenny Laros is the co-owner of ICOSA. She is a highly motivated infection control specialist with great deal of experience as a specialist in several hospitals and nursing homes in the Netherlands.

Benefits of this course

Industry Expertise

You will learn from outstanding infection control and hospitality experts.

Engaging materials

From videos to quizzes and exercises, each element is designed to keep you interested, involved and engaged!

Job Aids

Leave the course with materials immediately applicable to your place of work.

100% flexible learning

Complete the training at your own pace, in line with your schedule.

Shareable Certificates (Fall 2020)

Pass the exam and earn a certificate that showcases your preparedness in safety and hygiene in the accommodation industry.

Access on any device

Learn from the comfort of your home or on the go, with your preferred device.

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Special Thanks

This course was made possible through the relentless dedication of Jennifer Vrouvides, Eszter Kalóz, Kari Dreyer, Ariadna Balaian and Alexandra Cosma. Thanks also to Johannes Wöhler, Harun Köktürk, Alexander Prümm, Astrid Schwaner and Nancy Si for their contribution. Credit for videography goes to Uwe Steckhan.

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As of Fall 2020, shareable certificates will be available to participants who have paid the exam fee and successfully passed the online exam.

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